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Announcement from Rodrigo Horvath, JBS Carriers President

At JBS Carriers, the safety of our employees is the highest priority. On-the-job driving is one of the riskiest activities our employees undertake on a daily basis. This past year we piloted DriveCam in 100 of our fleet trucks. We have found DriveCam to be beneficial in supporting the driver and company in traffic collisions, defensive driving maneuvers, and coaching drivers to improve their safety choices.

With that said, to continue to improve the safety of our employees we have made the decision to implement the DriveCam Program across all fleets. The DriveCam Program is designed to encourage safe driving performance and reduce at-risk driving behaviors. It also serves to eliminate fraud and exonerate drivers by showing exactly what did happen in the event of a traffic collision. There are more than 120,000 vehicles deployed with the DriveCam Program today and results have proven to be dramatic.

DriveCam is a device that mounts at the center of the windshield of the tractor and will produce short burst video clips of a forward and cab facing camera. It’s triggered by G force movements; hard brake, quick lane change, or actual collision with another vehicle or object. It can also be triggered manually by the driver. It saves 8 seconds before and 4 seconds after of any event and it downloads via cell phone towers to a DriveCam representative who forwards the clips to JBS.

So why are we installing DriveCam? Currently in any traffic collision we just have witness statements as to what happened. With DriveCam we will have actual video of what is happening in front and to the sides of you prior to the event.

So for example, instead of just saying an unknown vehicle cut you off or forced you from the lane we would have footage of that vehicle. The camera also works when parked so if your truck is backed into when you are in a truckstop we would get video of that event as well. In a given month it cost JBS about $40,000 for unreported tractor and trailer damage.

Now DriveCam will not make this all go away, but it should allow us to find some of the people who are damaging our equipment and leaving the scene. DriveCam also gives us in cab video of what our driver is doing at the time of the event. We plan on using this when needed to counsel and help the drivers to improve their safety choices. We cannot turn on the camera remotely, the only things that trigger it are the G Force events and if you, the driver have something happen that you would like video of.

The DriveCam program does not create new company policies. It is a tool to improve driver safety and ensure compliance with existing company policies.

You can learn more about DriveCam by watching the video below or reviewing the fact sheet. Thanks for your support of making JBS Carriers a safer place to work.

DriveCam Fact Sheet

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